Ivan & Ivon Charities Milestones

Ivan & Ivon Charities has tried to contribute to the world in many ways large and small. Although slow going, our charity continues to find ways to help the disadvantaged. When we contribute, whether big or small, together it adds up.

Here are some things our charity has accomplished:

Distributed gifts for Christmas to those in need.

Donated money to GEANCO for hospital project in Nigeria.

Connected families to contributors to have needs met.

Raised $600 for a well in Ghana.

Gave money to Guatemala for volcano victims.

Donated money to a woman who needed to move to get a kidney!

Donated money to Light House Somoan AOG for mission projects in Africa.

Even though this doesn’t look like much. Every little bit helps. Please donate to charities that make a difference. Consider donating to us to help us support those in need.

God bless you,
Lilia Dardon
Ivan & Ivon Charities, Inc.

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