Our Mission:

Ivan & Ivon™ Charities is our way of making an earnest effort in helping others choose a way of living that seeks to contribute more than withdraw from the world we live in today. Ivan & Ivon™ takes pleasure in providing knowledge, how to information, and connections in being a philanthropist. A philanthropist can be anyone who desires to help humanity. This could be in the form of feeding the homeless, helping someone cross the street, serving as a missionary in a third-world country, building wells where needed, and providing treated malaria nets to those in mosquito infested villages. There is so much we can do, and the world needs your help!

Ivan & Ivon™ is working to improve living conditions around the world – join in and become a part of something special. Change the world for the better!

Visit our site at: www.ivanandivon.com and see what we’re doing now to make the world a better place. You can be part of the solution!

Here’s a helpful link for learning how to become a force for good in the world, and training to become a missionary for those needing it most: Visit Perspectives! www.perspectives.org

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